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Which file would I put this in???

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Which file would I put this in???
  Hi - Which file would I place this MOD I am making in. I want to make a database of webhosts, and I want people to be able to search, and see specific results. Therefore to search for a package, they would need to be able to search from say, $20-$25 to get decent results.... but on the detailed view I want the exact price, but I don't want them to have to enter an exact price, and a price range, therefore I am going to making some simple code saying

if ("<%exactprice%>" < 10) {
$pricerange = "Free-$10"
} elseif {

so on.. I can't be bothered finishing it, just to show you the idea... but which file would I put it in??? site_html_templates.pl ???

Thanks alot.
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Re: Which file would I put this in??? In reply to
In nph-build.cgi... but I believe the code is
if ($values[$db_exactprice] < 10) {
$values[$db_pricerange] = "Free-$10";
elseif... (snip)