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Strange Underline

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Strange Underline

I have searched the forum to see if maybe this might of happened to someone else.

In Netscape, the first link is okay but any other links under the same category are appearing to be underlined.

I checked my link.html and it seems to be in order.

Just wondering if anyone else had the same problem and possibly might know the answer.

Thank you.


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Re: Strange Underline In reply to
What do you mean Underline? Do you mean as a hyperlink??? And depending on changes you've made to the sub site_html_print_cat routine, you may have inadvertantly deleted the codes that prints category as category_clean, which removes the "underline".


Eliot Lee
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Re: Strange Underline In reply to

This is really strange! For some weird reason, everything is underlined! It only happens in NS. Anyway, I think I have added too many mods too soon. I am going to go back and try to find my error. I really wanted to finish this too.

Thank you again for everything.


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Re: Strange Underline In reply to
Here's my code prior to SC.

sub site_html_print_cat {
# --------------------------------------------------------
# This routine determines how the list of categories will look.
# We now use a table to split the category name up into two columns.
# For each category you can use the following variables:
# $url : The URL to go to that category
# $category_name : The category name with _ and / removed.
# $category_descriptions{$subcat}: The category description (if any).
# $numlinks : The number of links inside that category (and subcategories).
# $mod : The newest link inside of that category.

my (@subcat) = @_;
my ($url, $numlinks, $mod, $subcat, $category_name, $description, $output, $i);
my ($half) = int (($#subcat+2) / 2);

# Print Header.
$output = qq|<div class="margin"><table width="80%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td class="catlist" valign="top">\n|;

foreach $subcat (sort @subcat) {
my $mod = $stats{"$subcat"}[3];
my $new_add = $stats{"$subcat"}[4];
($description) = @{$category{$subcat}}[2];

# First let's get the name, number of links, and last modified date...
$url = "$build_root_url/" . &urlencode($subcat) . "/";
if ($subcat =~ m,.*/([^/]+)$,) { $category_name = &build_clean($1); } else { $category_name = &build_clean($subcat); }
$numlinks = $stats{"$subcat"}[0];
#$mod = $stats{"$subcat"}[1];

# We check to see if we are half way through, if so we stop this table cell
# and begin a new one (this lets us have category names in two columns).
if ($i == $half) {
$output .= qq|</td><td class="catlist" valign="top">\n|;

# Then we print out the name linked, new if it's new, and popular if its popular.
$output .= qq|<dl><dt><strong><a class="link" href="$url">$category_name</a></strong> <small class="numlinks">($numlinks)</small> |;
if ($new_add eq "Yes") {
$days_old = &days_old($stats{"$subcat"}[2]);
if ($days_old <= 2) { $output .= qq| $new_1|; }
elsif ($days_old <= 7) { $output .= qq| $new_3|; }
elsif ($days_old <= 14) { $output .= qq| $new_7|; }
if ($mod eq "Yes") { $output .= qq~ $updated~; }
$output .= qq|</dt>|;
$output .= qq|<dd><span class="descript">$description </span></dd>| if (!($description =~ /^[\s\n]*$/));
$output .= qq|</dl>|;

# Don't forget to end the unordered list..
$output .= "</td></tr></table></div>\n";
return $output;

Additionally, I have category_clean => $category_clean.

I am going to stay away from SC for right now. It's too messy for me. I will be happy once I get this fix.

Thank you.


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Re: Strange Underline In reply to
I may have some ideas for you. If you'll visit our page you'll see that we have resorted to HTML trickery in order to have it appear as if it is on a plaque or piece of paper, et cetera.

In order to do this, we used a .GIF as a background in our BODY tag. Example:

<body background="http://www.lenon.com/images/loading2.gif" bgcolor="#408080" text="#000000" link="#000090" vlink="#000090" alink="#FF0000">

This was followed by some approriate BACKGROUND elements in even more TABLE tags.

While this worked fine in MSIE, it left EVERYTHING in Netscape (4 and above) underlined. We fixed this by adding the following BACKGROUND attribute to ALL the remaining TABLE tags:

<table background="" width="750" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

If this doesn't ring a bell, the most obvious answer is you haven't closed an ANCHOR tag somewhere, such as:

<a href="http://www.lenon.com/copyright.htm" target="_top">Copyright

with no closing </a> element.

Hope this helps...

Lenon.com's Links 2.01