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PERL = Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Listers

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I think the way you are behaving is pretty childish and you are making a fool of yourself.
I see. It's all my fault. I understand now. AnthroRules answer ever question with, "you're posting in the wrong forum," "this question has been answered many times," "use your search engine," "kiss my butt," "smell my finger," et cetera, and I'm the childish one?!?!?!

Allllllrighty then...

BTW, don't you find it curious that these PERLs feel compelled to answer EVERY question posted in the forum(s), whether they know the answer(s) or not? SUP wit dat???

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Re: Shark Attack!!! Shark Attack!!! In reply to
Man I hate closing threads, WWWThreads has to list all the threads for me to do it. You know how long it takes to list some 10,000 threads?

Anyways, yes, I agree, a better faq would be useful. We all know that, however with limited resources, there is only so much that can be done.

SnapHead, please cut the sarcasm and attacks, all it does is detract from your original, and valid, comment.

And for anyone else? FAQ submissions are greatly appreciated, submit them at:


and no, that is not the place to post questions without answers. =)



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