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Searching in both fields

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Searching in both fields
Lets supose that I have in my db the following link...
title= Banana's
description = cool house with cool color.

when I try to search for banana's+house search shows me "no matching records".

I already put type=phrase and bool=or, but if I do it, search shows me the same message.
If I put only bool=or shows me all the links that have house and banana's.
In fact, I tryed all the combinations and searched in all threads since june... What can I do...??

I wanna search the exact phrase... the engine searchs the exact phrase only if the words that i'm looking for is in the same field, not like I have here...



(sorry about my terrible english)

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Re: Searching in both fields In reply to
Domenic has been complaining about this problem for a long time...I think that he or she has come up with a solution with the assistance of oldmoney. You might want to try to search for Topics Domenic has created and contact her or him about the problem.

BTW: + and - signs in searches do NOT work. You have to simply put in keywords separated by spaces.


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Re: Searching in both fields In reply to
I tryied to contact him before but with no success... The "+" signal that i put before is just a way that I found to show what I want... I'm not putting it on the search field...

My problem is that links just understand that two words (in search field) are a phrase only if they are in the same field, not in diferent fields as I want....

Could I be clearly now..?? Smile heheheheh

sorry again...
Thanx anyway for your help ELIOT, here, in the forum, you have been very cool with me...

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Re: Searching in both fields In reply to
Haven't solved this problem, which my initial impression was that it would require a re-write of search.cgi... I will eventually get it though. The logic I'm working on now is not to search against each column, but against a concatenated string of columns... this should work if you don't want to limit searching to just a couple fields.

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