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Problems with the search!

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Problems with the search!
Well the problem is:
when i search for i.e news
It say - Your search for news returned 0 categories and 4 Links.
but no links are coming up.
And if i search for Games I get:
Your search for Games returned 4 categories and 13 Links.
The catagories are as urls but no links to the sites.

I have upploaded newtemplates and different templates, original cgi directly from the original zip... Nothing...

What is up?

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Re: Problems with the search! In reply to

Make sure in your search_results.html, all the tags are in separate lines.


<p>Your search returned <strong>
<%cat_hits%></strong> categories and <strong>
<%link_hits%></strong> Links.</p>

<%if next%>
<p>Pages: <%next%></p>

<%if category_results%>

<%if link_results%>

<%if next%>

I hope this will help.