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Need Help!!!!!!

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Need Help!!!!!!
Calling all professional PERL/CGI programmers! I need help in creating mods for the Links 2.0 program. Here is my idea,
I intend to replace the Top Rated Resource which is A.K.A Top 10 Voted Links with a top 30 categories site. It is a little bit similar to the What's Cool page but one do not have to vote for a category.
1. The Top 30 Categories Page would display direct links to a particular category or subcategory which has the highest "hits". What I meant by the word "hits" is the most visited categories/sub categories.
2. The so-called chart or page would display the top 30 categories in order by hits.

For example:
No. Name Hits
1. Computer 1000

2. Software(this is 899
a sub-category of
the computer category)

3. Media Players(this is a 700
sub-category of the
software category.)

and so on.... till No.30

Apart from that, how do I create a category name using an "apostrophe" and brackets "()"

For example:
1. Alex's_Softwares
2. (Form_Mailer_2000)
I am sure that creating the above categories will cause errors. Is there any way I could create such categories?????

That's all that I need. I would be grateful to those who would be able to explain to me how to create those mods and add ons. What's more, if you are able to create those modifications, do not hestitate to post them here or send them to me via e-mail at

Thanks! Looking foward for Help especially from experts like Alex , Eliot & Widgetz.


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Re: Need Help!!!!!! In reply to
Kidding, right? I hope you don't take it personally, but you have a lot of bravado to call yourself PerlGuy and not even begin to contemplate doing this yourself. And I saw your earlier post, too.

The Immuatable Order of Modding
1. Read the FAQ, 2. Search the board, 2a. Search the board again, 3. ask the question, 4. back-up, 5. experiment, 6. rephrase question (or better yet, post solution to original question)