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Menu & variables <%site_menu%>

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Menu & variables <%site_menu%>
Can anyone help me ??
I need to make the site_menu variable e.x <%site_menu%> and fit it in all pages and comes up in every page the same.
The code will be in a standard template that i have access to change it everytime i want.

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Re: Menu & variables <%site_menu%> In reply to
Just install the Enhanced Template Mod (found in the resources section), and then use a <%include filename.txt%> tag where you want it to appear. Make sur the file that the file is in the /templates/ folder, otherwise it will come up incorrect Wink

You could hack site_html_templates.pl to create a tag like you are wanting, and there are many threads on how to do that. If yuo want to specifically do it that way, then I suggest searching the forums to see how other users have done it Smile

Hope that helps