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Links Verification time out

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Links Verification time out
I am trying to solve a timeout issue on links2.0 when I run a quick check links verification from the browser. I currently have about 1900 links loaded.

-I see 2 suggestions in the forum addressng this issue. One is to run a nph-verify.cgi directly from Telnet. My question here would be how do I access the result file?

The other suggestion is in reference to a Bobsie's deadlink report mod. Can any one tell me what this Bobsie's tool is and how I can get ahold of it?
Specifically -does it replace nph-verify.cgi and will it save out to an html file so I can still manage the dead links from the output file?

- Is this a real popular customization?

- Has anyone solved the timeout issue with anything else?

- Would the situation improve if I went to LinksSQL?


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I am verifying my links through Telnet. Once that process is completed I just copy the result page and save it as .txt file.

Bobsie's bad link report only works with Links 2.0, not with 2.01.

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Re: Links Verification time out In reply to

Go there:


Follow the explanation, it works fine to automatically rebuild and verify links with a cron file, then on your server you will find a file "verify_links.log" save it as txt file, it will contains the infos you need.

If you don't use cron to rebuild and verify you will always get a time out error don't use cron and quick or rebuild from your admin panel.

Hope that's help.