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How to "reset" Links?

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How to "reset" Links?

I need some help and hope that maybe one of you could give me some assistance.

The problem is as follows:
After applying tons of mods to Links 2 to make it do what I need, and also after editing my templates-design for several times, pages won't take my modification - they look the same as before!

So could you please tell me, which files and folders I need to delete, to get the database and the pages+categories build, set to the default state? Like factory fresh Links?!

The scrips should stay as is, since they contain all those nice modes Wink - it's just the database, categories and links that I want to built completely new. Do I also have to delelte the files within the admin/backup folder?

Huh, any help is welcome...
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You may find this thread usefull.


Either that or you would have to go to each directory and subdirectory and delete each file links has made, them delete each directory and subdirectory (you normally can't delete directories if there are files in them). And then delete all the .db files from the data directory.

Dan O.
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Re: How to "reset" Links? In reply to
Hi DanO,

thanx alot for your help...

I will go straight to ressource center and download the "delete all" script Smile

If it won't work - bur I don't think so - I will delete also the categories and .db's manually. Right now I did just delete the pages...

Since I messed up with my site_html_templates.pl
(more on www.gossamer-threads.com/scripts/forum/resources/Forum3/HTML/002885.html ), I will have to wait until Bobsie or someone else get it fixed before I will delete all - otherwise there will be no pages showing up on my site... Wink


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