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Have two ReviewIT MOD's problem .

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Have two ReviewIT MOD's problem .
1. How to show Rating image in link list(link.html) ?

2. About Auto Validate Review
I have set this option , after that I must build
all page to add review . But I want to add review
when the visitor post as BBS .

Thanks , I know my English that is so poor and hard to
understand .

Thanks again .^_^

Good luck ,

Micheal Chan
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Re: Have two ReviewIT MOD's problem . In reply to
1. there is a mod in the resource center called amazon rating img fix or something like that which also you to a rating image next to your link.
this is for regualr links?? or review links>>> if for regular links then the mod should be what you're looking for

2. hmmm, i think I did see a post in the archieves about making review it SSI which might do what you want, the automatic rebuild is such -- you need to rebuild