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Graphics for What's Cool...what's next?

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Graphics for What's Cool...what's next?
Hi! I can no longer find the older mod I once saw... graphics for What's New and What's Cool.

I got the 3-levels cool and update mod installed. I haven't been able to figure out by looking those 2 mods, how to add graphics to What's Cool.

I got this 1 part I added to the globals in
$pop_img = qq|<img src="http://www.alienbike.com/webmaster/images/hot.gif"
border=0 alt="Updated" align="absmiddle">|;

I looked at sub site_html_link, but unsure if I need to make changes here. Here is my code. for the What's Cool part... what do I need to change?
($rec{'isPopular'} eq 'Yes') ? ($rec{'isPopular'} = 1) : (delete $rec{'isPopular'});

return &load_template ('link.html', {
new_mod_img => $new_mod_img,
detailed_url => "$build_detail_url/$rec{'ID'}$build_extension",

And where else do I need to make changes?


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Re: Graphics for What's Cool...what's next? In reply to
OK, you're 1/3 of the way there... see the definition new_mod_img => $new_mod_img... that enables you to call the <%new_mod_img%> tag in your template, which is obviously replaced by whatever is held in the variable $new_mod_img... get the idea?

Of course, in the case of the $pop_img, the "variable" never changes... so it's quicker to go straight into the link.html template and add the <IMG SRC> HTML between a tag like...

<%if isPop%>
some HTML... any HTML...

Make sense?

The Immuatable Order of Modding
1. Read the FAQ, 2. Search the board, 2a. Search the board again, 3. ask the question, 4. back-up, 5. experiment, 6. rephrase question (or better yet, post solution to original question)
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Re: Graphics for What's Cool...what's next? In reply to

Thanks! Oldmoney!

now I can go to bed with some progress.