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DESTROY in Bad Links Summary Report

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DESTROY in Bad Links Summary Report

links2, non-english, linux.

I want to include "Bad links Summary Report" from http://goodstuff.orphanage.com/BadLinksRpt.html .

Ok, installed ParallelUserAgent-2.43 from CPAN.

AFTER checking and BEFORE printing the summery I get the message "Fatal error: (in cleanup) Can't access 'DESTROY' field in LWP::Parallel::UserAgent::Entry object at ./nph-verify.cgi line 44".
And then the script dies.

Ok, quick look at this lib: No method destroy in ENTRY.

But I'm not the big perl hacker; what should I do?

Sorry for bad english, Martin Ebert

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Re: DESTROY in Bad Links Summary Report In reply to
You need to also have the newest LWP module, not the one that comes with LINKS, but installed on the server you are using. Contact your hosting company to have them upgrade their Perl modules.


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Re: DESTROY in Bad Links Summary Report In reply to

I think (please correct me, if I fail), LWP is not *one* module. It is a set of modules and sub-modules.

Ok, my LWP is old. But the sub-mod parallel I've installed yesterday. And it was the newest version at CPAN.

If I understand the error message correct, the prob is in a routine in parallel.

In this case the answer would be: The module is to new.

Ok, what to do? Install an older version of parallel? Witch version?

Martin Ebert