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Creating Unique Content with Templates

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Creating Unique Content with Templates
Hey all,

I am relatively new to Gossamer Threads and have implemented the Yahoo (look alike) modification. I would like to create unique content in the pages, however. For example,
if I have a computer gaming category, a computer hardware category, and a computer software category, I would like to add articles and text for each category on the category page. Is this possible using templates, or do I want to create the site without templates? Speaking of which, can someone give me an example of a site without templates and how this works?


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Re: Creating Unique Content with Templates In reply to
Here is a link to make multiple templates for each of your categories. It is by Bobsie a very cool helper here.
I am still trying to get it to work the way i want to but it will do what you are asking for if you set it up on your site.
Good luck...