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Cart prospects

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Cart prospects
There have been several postings re adding shopping carts to Links. I have used two that should work, CartIt http://cartit.com/ and Dansie http://dansie.net/cart.html . Of the two, I believe Dansie might be easier to integrate with Links. I have seen it driven from DBman very effectively. It's been a while since I worked with either of them, but I believe all you would have to do is add price fields to link.db and you'd be rolling. Neither of these are free scripts.
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Re: Cart prospects In reply to
Well, I am not sure what you are saying.

Are you saying that I have implemented them and if anyone wants to implement, I will help/post the mods?

If so, I would like to have this mod and would appreciate feedback. Also, I suppose there are a few free shopping carts in cgi-resources and if it is just passing the ID, then it may be better to go with the free.
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Re: Cart prospects In reply to
No, I'm not offering a mod --just pointing those that are contemplating adding a cart to Links to resources that I've used which, in my estimation, should integrate well. I have had experience with both scripts.

There are two parts of carts that you must consider, the "catalog" and the "checkout." I am assuming that anyone using Links would have it performing the catalog function, i.e., the display of the items to go into the cart, search, product groupings, etc.

It's in the checkout function that most scripts fail to meet real world expectations. Once you pass the selected item info (quantity, description, price, options) to the cart from Links, it will need to have shipping cost tables, sales tax, discounts, credit card or phone order, etc. I've found the two mentioned above more than adequate --though not stellar. Shareware simply fell short (and we went through plenty of them).


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Re: Cart prospects In reply to
I must disagree, many Free and Shareware
Shopping Carts are fully fledged and functional industrial strenght solutions.
Some of the Pay-Solutions are actual Clones
from open source scripts.

the Shopping Cart i would favor is S-mart
from Bary Robinson. Its DataBase driven and
highly modifyable. There is actually one
Member of this Forum who has Successfully
integrated it. Since it uses a Similar architecture it probably could seamless
merge with links, to build a phantastic
storebuilding Software. there is another
Script out, which is a community builder
like Tripod, called Webhome which has been
created by genious 16 year old High School-
kids(shame) which they now market on their
own website. There is a freeware Version also
This would also easily be integrated into
links and could eventually add Mall abilities
to Links.

The Link to S-mart is here:

The Link to Webhome here:

I regret being no programmer myself, besides
being a clergyman i work as Internet Consultant for a german Marketing Firm,
doing project and concept-engineering.
So i am the man with ideas, but can't
use them my own,so id rather share them with you.

The S-mart Links Project
integrate full Shopping
Functionality into Links

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Re: Cart prospects In reply to

This isn't the forum for discussing the relative merits of carts, and S-Mart does certainly come under the Topic Line and as "Cart prospect"

But, a quick scan of S-Mart's forum produces the following
Being able to select options like color and size ETC: is a must! Please implement a solution ASAP. OWESOME CGI.
Nice job!
M Koenig
LA, CA USA - Friday, January 09, 1998 at 07:24:56 (EST)

The posting date is 18 months ago, and a quick review of the cart item setup does not show any way to address simple options like color --much less complex cart line "builds" like priced options and kits. As the above post indicates, these are must-haves. I'd hate to spend hours/days implementing a script only to find its fatal flaw. That was much the point of this posting in the first place.

Sorry, Bobsie --I strayed a bit.

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Re: Cart prospects In reply to
This isn't the forum for discussing the relative merits of carts...


Links Modifications
(moderated by Bobsie)

'Nuff said? Wink