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CGI from CGI

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CGI from CGI
Hey all,

I was wondering if it was possible to run a CGI from the output of another one.

Basically, I would like to run header, menu and footer cgi's from templates such as add.html (now modified to add.shtml)

Is it possible, or would I have to modify add.cgi and the like??

Ta muchly

Your friendly cloth cat
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Re: CGI from CGI In reply to
CGI from within CGI no possiblo... results in big security problem, and so is disallowed. I know of four solutions...

The easiest solution is to install the Enhanced template mod and then <%include yourfile%>.

You can also <!--#include virtual="/yourfile" -->, which works with varying degrees of success depending upon your server (might require .shtm extension, mine does not).

You can also set-up global variables within site_html_templates which you would call in your templates like <%header%> and <%footer%>.

Finally, you can also require the other CGI perl script, making sure that the subs do not name conflict, and then &header_sub in the reelvant sections of your site_html_templates.

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Re: CGI from CGI In reply to
There is a FAQ in the Resource Center that discusses the second option that oldmoney provided.



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