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Associating different links

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Associating different links
I was wondering whether anyone has done this or know how to do this.

Lets say I have link AAA
and then later I have link BBB
and I wanna associate link BBB with link AAA.
When visitor view the details of link BBB, it will show something like this

Link BBB
Info bout link BBB

Associated links
Link AAA
Info bout link AAA

THen later I have a link call CCC
I wanna associate link CCC with BBB
When people view link CCC or BBB or AAA, it will show that each of them are associate to each other because link CCC = BBB, and BBB = AAA, therefore CCC = AAA .

I have got a suggestion that a separate database is to be created to store a reference id and id of the other links which are associate to each other. So, the database will look somethin like


which means 1234 is the reference ID and link 45, 67 and 343 is associated with each other.

Please help me out here.
THank You very very much in advance =))

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Re: Associating different links In reply to
Cool idea. I've wanted to do something like that for my site from the beginning. I couldn't figure it out so my my dumb method, I just loaded it up in a spreadsheet, set the site titles to be identical and did a sort, then used a formula like this in column B:

=if(C2=C1, B1, B1+1)

where column C was "Site Title" and B is "Related ID". It comes out looking like:

1 1 Tite A
2 2 Tite B
3 2 Tite B
4 3 Tite C
5 4 Tite D
6 5 Tite E
7 5 Tite E
8 6 Tite F

Let me know if you figure this out, kay?

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Re: Associating different links In reply to
Sorry, bad post... can't figure out what project you are working on.

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