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Quick question (Not so quick answer)

I have some 6000+ categories on Lniks SQL

When someone goes and adds a site this takes
some time to create the category list for the user to choose which category there site should be listed in.

How do other people do this?

I wondered whether the search.cgi from Fluid Dynamics could be used to retrieve the meta information from the site and thus irradicate the need for the user to choose a category.

Has anyone done this for the SQL version as a mod?

(please if you have could I have the code)

Any other suggestions?

Many Thanks


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Re: AddURL In reply to
480 Consulting: Association links alone... wow! Hope you didn't import all of those links by hand...

You might try to use JavaScript to dynamically build your category: subcategory select fields. I have seen very effective use of it to select country, (if US, state), city. Check javascript.internet.com/forms for some examples...
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Re: AddURL In reply to
Also...You may have better luck in the LINKS SQL Forum.


Eliot Lee
Anthro TECH,L.L.C

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Re: AddURL In reply to
I haven't made use of it, and I don't know Links SQL yet, but isn't there an option to require them to add to the category they came from, much like Yahoo? If so, wouldn't this accomplish what you want?