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Need Info.cgi Files

Need Info.cgi Files
Hi! I'm looking info.cgi and instruction how to install the mod. If any one have a copy, can you please send it to me at hxt99@yahoo.com.au. I'm very appreciate....

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I do apologize that my mods are no longer available from the resource center. All requests for my mods should be directed to my email address drew@perlmad.com.

Please remember that I do not want unauthorized distribution of my mods. I will not hesitate to ban users from the forum or contact a lawyer.

I do encourage users to experiment and attempt to recreate other users mods from scratch. Not only is it a great learning experience and fun, but you have total control and can make it work the way you want it to from the very beginning!

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Hi! I'm not trying to distributing your mod. I'll really need it to make my link with more function. If you can help on the info.cgi from scratch or if you still have a copy of it. Please post it on this forum so that every one know how to modify it.
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Hmm...I believe posting the mod in a public forum would violate his original wishes, which is not to distribute it.
Buh Bye!

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Correct, you were asking someone else to distribute, which is just the same in my books.

Limecat is not pleased.
Re: [fuzzy thoughts] Need Info.cgi Files In reply to
You know what i think, he can keep the mod and serve it up his ass. I don't need any more...this all bullshit....anyways...I'll write my own mod...
Re: [huy] Need Info.cgi Files In reply to
Fine then. Shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to write. Tongue

a) declare standard Links "required" files
b) call record getting routing with ID number as input
c) call detailed template parsing routine with record data as input
d) print

In the future, my fellow moderators and I, as well as Alex and the rest of the GT staff, would appreciate it if you take your aggression out in private.

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