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Help ! creat new database

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Help ! creat new database
TongueHi all,

I got a problem. Expert needed.

I am using link2 as a Article script that use Detail page as the Article page, Use the Description as the Article.

The idea works fine but......

With the search function that link2 provided, i don't want the search.cgi to search through the article [Description],i want it ONLY to search
the category
and article Name [Site_name]

as default. I have a thought/idea to solve this problem but unfortunately with my pathetic programming skill, i donno how to do it and where to start.

My thought is

create a new database [article.db ]in the data folder to store the Articles [description] to avoid search.cgi search through the article[description] ,
PLus it will reduce the loading time if i am right, because it simply search the light-weight links.db with stuff like [$id, $site_name,] instead of the search the heavy database with thousands words per article [description] Because once my project start to work. the Database that store the article will be huge. if i don't seperate the database the search will slow everything.

i donno my idea work or not and i think i need some mod work in somewhere like admin.cgi, db.pl, search.cgi. that will allow to get the Article[description] from the new database correctly.

i help some expert can help! i am looking forward your reply


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Re: [speedmax] Help ! creat new database In reply to
In links.def just add the field numbers of fields you would like to search:

# Field names you want to allow visitors to search on:
@search_fields = (1,2,5);

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Re: [Tho:mas] Help ! creat new database In reply to
Thx your quick reply.Cool

i think what you provided will be really useful. it can solve my problem hopfully.

but Frownis it possible to creat one more .db file to store the description only? and let the link2 to get description from the new .db file.

once again, i really appreciate your reply.
i am looking forward any help!