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Multiple Columns

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Multiple Columns
The tag may say I am a novice but I have been running links 2.0 from the early days of 1.0.

The problem I am having guys and gals is multiple columns on the home page. Yes, there are many posts on how to do it by editing site_html_templates.pl but there is a wrinkle in this one. As other posts have mentioned, links is not fully tested with perl 5.006. I am running that on a linux system.

Here is what irks me the most. I had to move servers. The old nph-build.cgi code will build a page with multiple columns. When I reinstalled 2.0 and added the modification, all it does is make it into one column.

Anyone have the same issue or a resolution?
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Re: [jspraguester] Multiple Columns In reply to
can you post the code you are using?

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Re: [jspraguester] Multiple Columns In reply to
YES!! I think I might be having the same problem and it's driving me nuts. (I posted a separate thread about this only an hour or so ago.) Very eager to see if someone can figure this out...

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Re: [ThatPerson1024] Multiple Columns In reply to
This is from my site_html_templates.pl (it is not modified at this time.)

if ($i == $half) {
$output .= qq|</td><td class="catlist" valign="top">\n|;

my ($half) = int (($#subcat+2) / 2);

I have tired the:

$columns = '2'; #number of columns
my ($half) = int (($#subcat+2) / $columns);

and others.