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Category display problem

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Category display problem
I have a customised links2 installation, it is tried and tested working ok.

However I find I have 1 problem. Part of the customisation is subcategories like yahoo mod. When sub categories are added online through links admin they display fine, however after I download the categories db to make modifications to the info and re upload the subcategories for each maincat disappear, but everything else is fine. I used a plain text editor to make the changes (wordpad) and this has been ok in the past. the db is properly structured and has no errors.

Any ideas why this happens? Its driving me mad Crazy

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Re: [roman365] Category display problem In reply to
So, you edited the category.html offline?

The problem is that by default, you have to have tags on separate lines...


<%if field%>

Watcha need to do is install the Enhanced Template parser codes, which is posted in the "Resources" section of the GT website:

Support -> Resources -> Links 2.0

This code modification will allow you to have tags on the same line:


<%if field%><%field%><%endif%>

BTW: Trash using WordPad as your text editor...use something more professional like EditPlus or TextPad....
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Stealth] Category display problem In reply to
I already have the enhanced template parser mod set up and I've checked the tags, theyre ok.

It seems to be directly related to editing the database offline, I'll try the text editors you suggest.