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Multiple Category - Garbled Text

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Multiple Category - Garbled Text
Hello Everybody,

I tried applying the mod from http://www.online-sweepstakes.com/links-mods/ regarding adding multiple category support to links 2.,

I managed to successfully install the mod but I experienced these problems:
  • The ratings/Votings in the Top Rated section completely vanished
  • Sites waiting to be validated appeared all garbled up
  • If I try and modify submitted sites already listed in the databases, their location on the forms also show garbled up.

Can anybody tell me what to do ? I tried searching on these forums but consider me dumb or stupid but I couldn't find anything related to this query.



P.S., What I mean by garbled is for example A text field suposed to display user's email address shows Yes/No or a number from another TextField.
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Re: [klashinkov_khan] Multiple Category - Garbled Text In reply to
Sounds like you made a boo-boo in your links.def file. Go through the whole process again, and check to see if you did anything wrong, or missed something.

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [klashinkov_khan] Multiple Category - Garbled Text In reply to
I'm guessing you added the new field as number five, per the mod? This will throw off everything if you don't add a space for the firld in the links db file. It's a pipe-delimited file (like this: | ). There is a script that will add this to your files automatically, get it and some explanations here: http://gossamer-threads.com/...mp;ubb=001090:Forum3

aka PerlFlunkie
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Re: [PerlFlunkie] Multiple Category - Garbled Text In reply to
Thanks all of you for your help. and pointing me to some resources., I will be experimenting with them and hopefully everything will work properly., if not, i have my backups to turn back to.

I will get back here shortly if i am successful or not.

regards, klash
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