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info.cgi and templates

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info.cgi and templates
I have info.cgi working fine using the detail.html template file. What I want to do is to still create detail pages with build.cgi (static pages) but when visitors view the detail page on a site and would like to print it. Then the print option would call info.cgi to create a dynamic page with more customization than the detail page. So, How do I have info.cgi use a different template file other that detail.htm?


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Huckle: Nov 23, 2001, 9:59 AM
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Re: [Huckle] info.cgi and templates In reply to
Make a copy of site_html_detailed() and name it site_html_print_detailed(). Then change the reference in info.cgi to point to the new subroutine. In site_html_print_detailed(), change the name of the template to whatever you use for a printable version.

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Re: [ThatPerson1024] info.cgi and templates In reply to
Thanks Drew it works like a charm. Actually I did try the above change before posting here but it didn't work. Oh well it works now ...Shocked