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Bidi Languages

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Bidi Languages
Hi Alex and congratulations for your script;
I'm a new user of Links Engine 2.0 and I wish to use it in my incoming website; but I have this problem:

Every time I want to create categories with Arabic letters (the same normally happens with Hebrew),
it doesn't accept and sends me this notice:

Category Database: Error: Unable to Add Category

Error: Unable to Add Category

There were problems with the following fields:
Name (Invalid format)
Please fix any errors and submit the record again

Please where can I fix the problem
or only if you can tell me in which file or may be a module of Perl you specify the characters' set.

N.B. You see it's very important to me because I just finished translating the original templates and I create
another files with the necessary personalisation in order to fit to my incoming website; AND HERE THE GREAT SURPRISE:

Your answer could be helpful for bidi languages: Arabic and Hebrew .
Thanks a lot!
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Re: [Hafid] Bidi Languages In reply to

you have to install the NonEnglish mod that can be found in the Resource Center or here in the forums (do a search, always a good thing to do). Wink
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Re: [Tho:mas] Bidi Languages In reply to
Thank u Thomas
It works now perfectly but; but no I have another pb:
When I click on Add Link, it shows me in the category field all the categories I have in English and not in Arabic.
What do I have to do please?????

Thank you again!
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Re: [Hafid] Bidi Languages In reply to
The NonEnglish mod only allows you to display categories with special characters on your templates using a seperate field in category.db. As far as I know, category lists generated by the script (in the add- and modify-templates and in the admin panel) cannot be shown in NonEnglish characters.