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Please help? How do I show URL?

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Please help? How do I show URL?
Hi all.

Could someone PLEASE show me how to put URL underneath of the link discription?

Thank you very much in advanced.


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Re: Please help? How do I show URL? In reply to
In site_html.pl, under the "sub site_html_link", change:

$output = qq|
<ul type=disc><li><$font><a href="$build_jump_url?$db_key=$rec{$db_key}">$rec{'Title' }</a></font>|;

to read:

$output = qq|
<ul type=disc><li><$font><a href="$build_jump_url?$db_key=$rec{$db_key}">$rec{'Title' }</a></font><br>$rec('URL')<br>|;

You might also want to change:

if ($rec{'Description'}) { $output .= qq| <$font>- $rec{'Description'}</font>\n|; }

to read:

if ($rec{'Description'}) { $output .= qq| <$font>$rec{'Description'}</font>\n|; }

Hope this helps.

Bob Connors