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Non English problems ...

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Non English problems ...
Hello !!!

Somebody can to explain which is the difference between the Internet Explorer 4.x and Internet Explorer 5.x ??? I'm asking this because in my categories that have special chars
eg. Lanšamentos,in Ie4.x working but in Ie5.x doesn't, and the browser retrieve Not Found
The requested URL Lan├žamentos was not found on this server.

In Netscape are working perfectly.

Any sugestion to solve this ???

bwt: I never need non english mod before and all was working great until I instaled Ie5.x and had found this problem.



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Re: Non English problems ... In reply to
The official URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers) syntax, RFC 2396, currently only allows as subset of ASCII, about 60 characters. It also defines a way to encode arbitrary bytes into URI characters: a % followed by two hexadecimal digits (%HH-escaping). This encoding, however, is not always understood by browsers - you see the problem with your MSIE5, but others may have had it with even MSIE4 in other language versons, for example.

The only solution to your problem is to install either the non-English mod found in the resource center, or try out the
Category Title Modification (http://www.webmasters-resources.com/...egory_title_mod.html), which seems to work better.