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Newsletter - Deleting bad addresses?

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Newsletter - Deleting bad addresses?

I searched the forum and could not find a fix to this problem. The problem I'm having is that I am emailing to everyone on my list as a newsletter, and more than half are invalid and an error message is sent back to me for each one.

Is it possible to run a simple script that would act similarily to the LWP link check and get rid of all bad email addresses?

Or maybe some other fix around this...


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Re: Newsletter - Deleting bad addresses? In reply to

I don't think you can validate e-mail addresses like you can validate links. You could check that the domain is valid but that is about it.

There are lots of reasons why e-mails fail. It might be a bougus address or their mail quota could be exceeded.

Personally, I'd like to see something added into links to send an e-mail after someone signs up on a site. They would then receive an e-mail with a confirmation url (or something). The would not actually get added to the list until the confirmed the validation.

I think that might cut do a lot on the bogus id's.

Just my 2 cents,


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Re: Newsletter - Deleting bad addresses? In reply to
You could do that. It is possible, with a little bit of code hacking. One model to use is Bmxer Hold database, which could be adapted to the email.db for the subscribe.cgi file.


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