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New user needs mods

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New user needs mods
Hi, I am a new Links 2.0 user and am just setting my site up, I am in need of 2 mods :

Subcategories like yahoo and the modify a site password mod

After searching these forums for days all Ive found are snippets of code, can anyone please direct me to where I can find these mods in full. I know the yahoo v2.1 is available in the resources section but from what ive read this assumes that a previous version is already installed (Am I correct?)

Any help greatly appreciated.

Cheers, grant
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Re: [grantw] New user needs mods In reply to
the perlflunkie posted paul's password mod here http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...sword%20paul;#233759 which is excellent

click on glennu's link ( he is one of the moderators at the top of the links forum ) and go to his site. I believe he has a yahoo type category mod

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Re: [esm] New user needs mods In reply to
Thanks esm, thats helped me out big time