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New page for links

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New page for links
Hi :)

Can someone explane me how can i do that:

1) put link on category.html "Detailes"

2) when user click on it open new window with information for this link

3) and when i build all on admin page information that i add in fild "detail" will automatically put on template page for detailes.

Ok, if you don't understand, i will explane agane :)

I need a fild in links.def for example "detail" than i add new link on admin page, than i build all and than i go to the main page with new link and find this new link from other links. I found it and see near it small link "detail about this link". User click it and new window open with detail info about this link.

If you don't understand again, so, i don't know how explane better :)))


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Re: New page for links In reply to
You don't really have to add a new field...Detailed pages (as mentioned many times in this forum) are a built-in feature of links...

All you have to do is add the following link in the link.html file:


<a href="<%build_detail_url%>/<%ID%><%build_extension>">View Details about this Link</a>

Make sure that you have the following configurations in the links.cfg file:


$build_detailed = 1;
$build_detail_path = "$build_root_path/Detailed";
$build_detail_url = "$build_root_url/Detailed";

Then make sure that you create a directory called Detailed under the directory where you are building your links....Change the permission of this file to 777 (drwxrwxrwx).

Then make sure you have the following global variable defined in your site_html_templates.pl file:


build_extension => $build_extension

Then in the detailed.html file, add the fields from the links.db you want to display.

Then re-build your directory....

Voila, you now have detailed pages that are linked from the list of links in your category and also in the search results.

If you search for Detailed Pages in the Links 2.0 Customization and Links 2.0 Discussion Forums AND in the Resource Center, you will find relevant threads and FAQs.


Eliot Lee

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Re: [AnthroRules] New page for links In reply to
This problem with Detailed pages all seems so easy.

But if like me, i put some MOD in somewhere, don't ask me where cus i ain't got a clue [blush] , but all my Detailed pages go to the directory of the link, as in NOT "$build_root_path/Detailed" , but as in pages/Some Dir/Some other dir/Yes another one/Detailed/3.html.

So having searched though all of the posts here i'm still none the wiser as all the posts i've looked at tell you to put in the "$build_root_path/Detailed" code, which in my case is not correct.

So if anyone can tell me how to get round that i would be grateful.

At the end of the day all i really want to do is have links to reviews of certain sites, and then and only then have a link to the links own site URL.