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MySQL Modification?

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MySQL Modification?

since the links script is causing extensive stress to our server due to high access rates, we want to switch it to a database.

Unfortunately, our provider currently only offers MySQL for free while MSQL is charged with an additional 25 dollars per month.

Any possibility to modify the MSQL modification to get it to work with MySQL? If anyone has already done such a modification or can give me any hint, I would greatly appreciate it.

BTW, we are using 2.0 beta.


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Re: MySQL Modification? In reply to
hello there !

I think I did not understand it correctly, but may I ask-

Does there a SQL version of links 2.0 exist?


deepy rajani
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Re: MySQL Modification? In reply to
John Murphy Has His Site up and Running with MySQL... I m clueless!

ALAX! I would thank you MILLIONSSSSSS again! for everything if you help me step by step how to set up MySQL like

yahoosuck.com FROM JMurphy..

I think he has his problems work.. but I dont think he helps us OUT!

Please Help ME! Thanks`