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Mail to Link Owners Problem

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Mail to Link Owners Problem

I would like to send a mail to SOME link owners... f.eg. from UserID 10000 to UserID 15000. Is there a way to manage that? I do
not use the mailing list feature... but I do not know how to filter the link owners.

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You can try the following....

1) Type in the following numbers and characters in the ID field:

= 10000 < 15000

2) Then click on the Regular Expression checkbox.

3) Then click on the Submit Button.

See what happens.

Also, aHippyHippo, could you please confirm for the Board if you were able to successfully get the Private Mailer Mod that I wrote for you to work...Many if not all the LINKS users who have installed this Mod CANNOT get it to work. May be there is something that you did differently that can help other LINK users...I know they would appreciate it and myself, so that I can edit the Mod and be done with it.



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