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Learning cgi

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Learning cgi
I have always had an interest in learning cgi, but never had a practical reason to. Since installing links and playing around with it, it has made me even more determined to get off my ass and do something about it. As well as getting excited I have also been really frustrated on a number of occasions because I have wanted to change something and unless there was a mod available, there was nothing I could do about it for now.

I know this forum is for discussing Links customisation, but I figured seeing as you are all so helpful, you wouldn't mind pointing me in the right directions in terms of learning cgi. I want to do it right, so would like to hear your suggestions in terms of books I should buy, where I should start etc.

Once again Thanks
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Re: [Hamsterpants] Learning cgi In reply to
I have a couple perl/cgi books, but they aren't great. I just saw one in the store titles Learning Perl (I think?), published by Osbourne, and it looks really good, just gotta work up to spend another 30 bucks on another book... The Visual Quickstart Guides by Peachpit Press are also good. And of course anything by O'Reilly is good.

aka PerlFlunkie
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Re: [Hamsterpants] Learning cgi In reply to
Learning Perl by O'Reilly was a great book, IMO. Thats how I got started with Perl....and look where I am now (not a rhetorical question Paul Tongue)

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Learning cgi In reply to
not a rhetorical question Paul

That's true, because you never even asked a question Tongue