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IsLinked with site_html.pl ?

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IsLinked with site_html.pl ?

All the discussion regarding islinked I have seen handles the routines for building pages using templates.

What I like to do is get IsLinked to work using site_html.pl to build the pages.
I Have done all steps required in Links.def and so on but in someway I must get a query string in sub site_html_link in site_html.pl.

This is what it looks like now:

sub site_html_link {
# --------------------------------------------------------
# This routine is used to display what a link should look
# like. It's a little complex looking just because we have to
# check for blank entries..

my (%rec) = @_;

($rec{'isLinked'} eq 'Yes') ? ($rec{'isLinked'} = 1) : (delete $rec{'isLinked'});

$build_detailed ?
($output = qq~<ul><li><a class="link" href="$build_detail_url/$rec{$db_key}$build_extension">$rec{'Title'}</a>~) :
($output = qq~<ul><li><a class="link" href="$build_jump_url?$db_key=$rec{$db_key}">$rec{'Title'}</a>~);

Does someone know what to change or build the query string?

Hoping for help,