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Include Files using templates?

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Include Files using templates?
Hi, here is a question that is probally a stupid one, but here we go anyway:

Currently I create my pages like this
Header File:
<head>head tags</head>
<TD>Navigation Links</TD>
<TD><!-- include Virtual /pathto/page-->

Footer File

and the actual page has this
<!-- include virtual /pathtoheader -->
<!-- include virtual /path to footer -->

What I need to do is continue this in Links... is there a way to do this without re-editing each template? Also, I am on IIS 4.0 and am using some ASP in the pages, can these be mixed, or should I find another way to do the ASP functions in the header?

feeling like an idiot
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Re: Include Files using templates? In reply to
Hi Babalon,

There are two types of pages: static and cgi-generated. With the static pages (Home, New, Cool, Category) you can just put SSI, or asp tags as you like.

You can't do that for the dynamic pages (search results, add form, modify form, etc). See:


for modifying the templates to support including of files. You can then just do <%include filename.txt%> and the script will insert that file for you.