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How do I ...

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How do I ...
How do I make the URL into the detailed url.

So a submission that requires no url (requirement is turned off) goes into the database as /detailed/368.html

Under <form action="/cgi-bin/add.cgi" method="POST"> I have
<input type="hidden" name="URL" value="/detailed/<%ID%>.html">

but get unknown tag ID

Thank you

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Re: How do I ... In reply to
Unknow tag :ID suggests that in site_html_templates.pl under sib site_html_add {

You need to add the following...

ID => $ID,

From Paul Wilson.
On error resume next..
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Re: How do I ... In reply to
Thanks, but having thought about it more, this wont work as the system hasn't assigned the addition with a ID number yet.

The trick would be adding the number after submission on the end of /detailed/.html in the validation screen of admin.

I can do this manually but automatic would be ideal.