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How can I modify the /pages/index.html ??

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How can I modify the /pages/index.html ??
I want to change the appearence of the index.html of the Search Engine.

But everytime when I change, upload and build the files, it is the same as before.

Can anybody help me, which file i must modify. Much Thanks in advance Wink

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Re: How can I modify the /pages/index.html ?? In reply to
If you are using templates, then you can change the appearance of the file in the home.html template.

If you want to change the appearance of how categories and sub-categories appear, then check out these Threads:



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Re: [Eliot] How can I modify the /pages/index.html ?? In reply to
Wow, what would I do without this forum?! I have spent time during the last three days off and on trying to figure out why changes I made to the index.html file in my links directory were disappearing. What a relief to know that all I needed to do was modify the home.html page instead! Sad to say that didn't even occur to me. Smile

By the way, some of the posts on these forums concern me. Why can't we just direct someone to what they were looking for without the rude remarks? Just because something is easy for one person to find doesn't mean it's easy for someone else, especially when they're frustrated.

P.S. If anyone would like to take a look at the resource directory that I'm building and give me any tips/tricks, I'd appreciate it! I've got tons and tons of resources to add still so it's not live yet but your constructive feedback would be appreciated.

Have a great one!
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Re: [glennette] How can I modify the /pages/index.html ?? In reply to
And thank you for FINALLY changing your username, so that it didn't screw up the alignment in the forums! Wink Tongue

And the problem you mentioned about the "rude" posts in the forums has been curtailed with the new forum software that is much improved with searching for information and also newbie users have heeded GT staff's advice with searching for information before posting redundant, duplicate, and annoying questions...CURTAILED is the keyword here...hasn't totally solved the problem since there are still lazy users out there who don't take the time to search for relevant information....
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Heckler] How can I modify the /pages/index.html ?? In reply to
First of all, I have only posted one message so I don't know where your "FINALLY" comment even comes from and it's a good example of what I was talking about.

I did not change my username! If someone is going to go in and change the username and not even bother to tell the person for the next time they log in, why not clarify a maximum character limit in the first place before someone chooses a username only to have it changed without their permission!

Secondly, I guess you're saying all the rude posts I read were old but they were within the last few days. Some people seem to think that adding a smiley face after a rude comment makes it less rude.

If someone does ask a question without going through all the proper channels, does it upset the universe? Why spend hours pouring through these forums when some of you who have been working with the scripts for months or years can likely answer their question in five minutes?

One of my goals in life is to be all the help I can to others so if someone asks me a question, I don't mind answering it. And if there's another thread with the answer, I will just point them to it without feeling the need to make them feel like an idiot in the process.Smile

I'd still love some feedback on http://www.premiumwebdesign.com/wrgalore/links/
Negative comments can be sent to me privately. *S*
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Re: [glennette] How can I modify the /pages/index.html ?? In reply to
1) You are underestimating the number of posts you've made...you made two before this most recent post...Don't believe me??

Go here:


2) Why don't you provide some examples of the "rude" posts? And I don't think my post/reply was rude at all! Your long username was obnoxious and disrupted the format of the forums! How about some consideration on your part, eh???

3) The problem is that some newbie and even old time Links 2.0 users are lazy and do not take the time to search the forums, which are full of answers to "common" problems. Everyone should take the time to search for answers rather than posting duplicate, redundant, and useless posts.

Good luck with solving your problems, buddy!
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Heckler] How can I modify the /pages/index.html ?? In reply to
OK you got me, I had made one other post to help someone that I forgot about. Still don't think that qualifies as FINALLY (in caps no less).

And that still doesn't explain why it isn't clarified what the maximum width of the username should be when you sign up. I am NOT one to cause trouble or as you put it "screw up the alignment of the forum" but given no guidelines as to any limit, I chose the one I wanted. Smile

I have lots of work and better things to do than continue this ridiculous conversation.

Almost forgot: I was going to try and add a new template using your directions in another thread (at least I think it was you but I could be wrong). The URL you gave didn't work or at least it didn't at the time I tried it. I decided not to fool with it right now but I was thankful for the detailed instructions you gave in that post. I see that you can be a very helpful person but If you would just quit calling people obnoxious for using the username they use everywhere possible for consistency, there wouldn't even be a need for these crazy threads! Well, at least we're giving someone out there some good reading *LOL*

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Re: [glennette] How can I modify the /pages/index.html ?? In reply to
And that still doesn't explain why it isn't clarified what the maximum width of the username should be when you sign up.

...when Jason gets back from vacation I believe Alex said he will be adding a username limit into GForum with a warning notice hopefully, so thats one less thing to worry about Angelic

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