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Re: Hop to dropdown In reply to
Hi Guys !!!

Please, somebody can help me whith the threads above ??? Frown

Best regards,


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Re: Hop to dropdown In reply to
Ok Guys ... I made one change in the sub site_html_category_list posted by Eliot to list subcategories for only a determinate category, I simply changed the following line:

next unless ($_ =~ m,^([^/]*)$,);


next unless ($_ =~ /^Soccer/);

... ok this is working thanks, but the problem is that I have to make one sub site_html_category_list for each category and subcategories... :(

eg: I have a category named Soccer whith three subcategories


and more subcategories under Soccer/Children,


If I want to have a categoy select list for this subcategories I need to create a new sub site_html_category_list whith the following line to list only the subcategories under the Soccer/Children category:

next unless ($_ =~ /^Soccer/Children/);

Can you understand me ???

Are there any solution to automate this proccess ???

I thinked on create a category filed eg: show_drop to determine if the drop-down will be show or not for the category.

Any ideas ???

Best Regards,


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Re: [marcoBR] Hop to dropdown In reply to
This is exactly the mod I was looking for. One change I am trying to make though. Is there an easy way to change it so it won't display empty subcategories (ones with no links in them)?

Thanks in advance.

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