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Global Links --LET'S GO!

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Global Links --LET'S GO!
I know this has been talked about for ages here on Gossamer's forum, but I think I may be able to start it up right now!

My proposal:

1) We need to have a graphic artist to design the parent site and its sibling sites (or local links directories). All sites will have the same look to it accept for the host name, which will be determined by the location of the site (eg. london.uk.totalseek.com, south.africa.totalseek.com, etc.)

2) We need administrators for all the local links directory. Each of these admins must devote 100% of their effort into building their local links' directory --or franchise. Local admins make money by selling top placement banner ads and agrees to kick back 20% of it to the parent site.

3) Hosting for ALL the directories will be provided by a me at NO charge. I have a T1 connection to the @Work network.

4) As we build this global directory into a reasonable size in terms of contents and traffic, we will go public to raise money to finance the marketing activities. I've done this in the past. I have the expertise to raise equity capital and have connections.

5) I have already build a reasonably successful links site call TotalSeek.com, generating over 10,000 page views daily. This will be the domain name we'll be using to get this off the ground. Excellent name for this project won't you agree?

Any more suggestion or participants?

Email me at webmaster@totalseek.com

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Re: Global Links --LET'S GO! In reply to
Hi billtheman,

This really sounds like a neat idea. Are you set on going with a geographical set up or would you consider linking several sites with their individual subject matter, i.e. sports.totalseek.com, games.totalseek.com, etc.

I visited your site and see that it is not subject specific, so this may not suit you, but I believe that it would allow each category to be developed fully while building a strong name brand identity that would benefit all involved.

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Re: Global Links --LET'S GO! In reply to
I dunno how good you are at CGI programming, but to do the category editors mod will cost you a bit. You get many hits for a small-medium sized directory. Are allot of your hoits from searchengines? How did you permote your directory. I wonder if the user base will increase allot when i get MyNetoo! up.


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