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Enhanced Template Support Question

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Enhanced Template Support Question
I have installed the "third Generation Template Parser" from http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...ces/Detailed/26.html .

Is it possible to include Files in other Directories than /links/admin/templates? I have a lot of .txt Files in my root Directory that i call up on non-Links Pages and i'd like to use them on Links Pages also, but it must be from the root Dir and not /links/admin/templates.

Any Suggestions would be welcome!
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Nope...(not without hacking the Templates.pm module and also editing the links.cfg file to add additional variables.)

You will have to standard SSI calls from these other directories to print the data in your LINKS pages.


<!--#include virtual="/rel/path/to/some.txt"-->

Another solution is to read the Header and Footer FAQ in the Resource Center that offers alternatives to SSI calls and the Enhanced Template.pm options. You can create tags for inserted files and then simply put a tag for the subs that are created in the site_html_templates.pl file.

Please try searching the Resource Center and reading some of the FAQs before posting questions.


Thank you.


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