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Dropdown menu's in advanced search

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Dropdown menu's in advanced search
I want to all dropdown menues for states and some popular keywords on the advanced search page.

Has anyone done this?



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I went through this before with another user who was trying to list the States in a drop-down menu. It didn't seem to work with dynamic codes.

But you can try the following (may be it will work for you)....

1) Put the following codes at the top of your sub site_html_search_form routine before the &load_template codes:

my $state = shift;
$state ?
($state = qq~$ <input type=hidden name="State" value="$state">~) :
($state = &build_select_field ("State", "$rec{'State'}"));

2) Then define the "State" tag as follows:

State => $state,

3) Then simply add the following in your search.html file:

States: <%State%>

With regards to the common keywords in a drop-down menu....this would not be possible without hacking the search.cgi script a lot to allow multiple query fields in the search form.


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