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Deleting "Date Added"

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Deleting "Date Added"
I'm using links 2 with templates, and I cannot figure out how to remove the date added feature when it displays links.

I have attempted to edit the date info from link.html, no good. Garbles everythihng and shows no link at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
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Re: Deleting "Date Added" In reply to
In the distribution archive, in link.html, this appears at the bottom:

<small class="date">(Added: <%Date%> Hits: <%Hits%> Rating: <%Rating%> Votes: <%Votes%> ) <a href="<%db_cgi_url%>/rate.cgi?ID=<%ID%>">Rate It</a></small>

Just delete "Added: <%Date%> " and that should do it.