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Customizing a calendar function

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Customizing a calendar function

Is there anway I can customize the calendar function where by people can enter through the front end their events and they are then subject to validation.

We are looking to have a robust calendar functionality whereby people can do a better search by having the option to choose Type of Event, date/month of event, City, State and Country.

We would like the calendar funcationality to be viewed only the top 10 for example on the front page and a `more' section for people to look at more events.

Is there anyway you can assist us in creating such a calendar functionality?

Thank you.

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Re: [bethecause] Customizing a calendar function In reply to
Did you do all that with Links2? Interesting!

You may find what you need at the cgi-resource (com or net?) where there are many calendar scripts. Also Matts Script Archive, aka matts Scripts.

aka PerlFlunkie