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Category Select List Mod problem

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Category Select List Mod problem
im install http://www.bobsgoodstufflists.net/rcat_mod.html to my links 2.

and have next problem.

when i enter(from my Top page) add.cgi its build all categories to add(custemer must select cat to add link)

so and when i neter add.cgi from my categories, its build all categories list to add new links.

how to change this mod to: if customer trying to add link from category, script build only this category, not all categories list.

please help.
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Re: [roman ch.] Category Select List Mod problem In reply to
There is a variable in links.cfg that, when set to '1' will put the link into the category the viewer is currently in (or was, before they hit the 'add' link). It looks like this:

# Should your add.cgi automatically select what category the user
# is adding his link into?
$db_single_category = 1;

If it is set to '0' then a full drop-down-list will appear.

Is the mod working for you? Have you put some cats into the file for it to exclude, and they do not show up in the dropdown? I use this mod, and exclude all main categories, so only sub-categories are in the list.

aka PerlFlunkie
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Re: [PerlFlunkie] Category Select List Mod problem In reply to

all ready done.