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Categories and how they are indexed by google and other searches

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Categories and how they are indexed by google and other searches
Hi there :) I currently use Links 2.0 as a site directory rather than as a links directory. When google comes through and indexes my pages I noticed that the description that it grabs is not the one that I put in the meta description (no surprise there), but it DOES grab the newest or first link (article) that is listed. So for example, on this category page http://www.familycorner.com/...ly/Kids/Kids_Crafts/ after scrolling past the subcategories that are listed, the first item listed is titled "Craft Contest".

Google came through and this is how it displays the search result:

FamilyCorner.com Magazine: Family : Kids : Kids Crafts
Craft Contest - FamilyCorner is looking for your original craft ideas. If you and your kids are crafty then pull out the supplies and get busy creating! ...

Now this isn't too bad except that link is new and won't be new after a week or so, so the next time google indexes this page it will most likely pull the description from the "Book Review" link, which doesn't have the keywords that will optimize this category and I will end up further down in the search results.

Sooooo my question is, how can I have the description for the category display on the category page, rather than just on its parent category? If the designated description were displayed at the top of the category before the subcategory listings then google and other search engines would most likely grab THAT text instead of the first link listed. If that doesn't make sense, what I mean is:

How do I get the "Kids Crafts" description from the parent category [Family/Kids/] to actually display on its own page [Family/Kids/Kids_Crafts/]?

I hope this makes sense, if not please let me know and I will try to clarify.

P.S. Obviously I don't want to do this just for one category, I want to do it for all categories so it would need to be a global change/update.

Oh and BTW I do not use templates. I have customized my version of Gossamer by editing the site_html.pl file.

Thank you in advance!!

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