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Can somebody can challenge this?

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Can somebody can challenge this?
Hi everybody,
I am kind of new at this. Now, I am using Links2 to make a shopping site similar to http://www.buy.com/soft/searchresults.asp?qu=Microsoft I have few questions to ask you guys
1-- How to make the links and categories listed on two different color on each line please see this http://www.buy.com/soft/searchresults.asp?qu=Microsoft
I have installed the enchance templates support and I thought I could use the nasted to check my link ID# if it "odd" build white and if it "Even" build gray. Can this be possible?

2--Is there a way to search the db listing in different sort orders, for example

sort by title, by pick, date added, download.
I am not good in perl. Can anybody please help?

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Re: Can somebody can challenge this? In reply to

i made the category sort and search sort mods to change the order of the sortings..

search in the forum:

for "Category and Search Sort"..

it's a little better than download.com's.. cause you can click on the link again and get it in descending order (with a little arrow at the side Wink)

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Re: Can somebody can challenge this? In reply to
Jerry: Do you have a URL to a real world (on the computer 18-20 hours a day, does the real world even exist any more) example using this mod?

BTW, if you like to snowboard then you really should come to the 'snowboarding capital of the world' - Whistler. It's snowing Wink

Dan Smile
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Re: Can somebody can challenge this? In reply to
try using style sheets..if it's possible to do...but that is probably the only way to do it in linls2.

i would be interested to know my self

good luck