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A Small Favour

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A Small Favour
Can someone here do me a small favour?

I would like someone here to help me modify the script a little. The Add URL form should include a new field for people to enter their phone numbers. And when links are generated, I want the phone number to appear below the link.


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1) There is a FAQ about adding fields to your existing links.db and in the links.def files in the FAQ section of Links in the Resource Center. After adding the field in both files (there is an upgrade script that will update your database automatically after you add the field in the links.def file), you simply add the following codes in your add.html and modify.html files:


Phone Number: <input type="text" name="PhoneNumber" size="20">

Then in the add_error.html and modify_error.html files, add the following codes:


<input type="text" name="PhoneNumber" value="<%PhoneNumber%>">

2) To put the Phone Number below your link, add the following codes in your link.html file:



Got it?


Eliot Lee