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price - amount of domains

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price - amount of domains
Hello, i am interested in gossamer mail professional but it is out of my price range at the moment especially if i add some the additional plugins.

I am wondering why there is no middle ground in term of amount of domains?

The jump from 5 to 100 domains seen very high, i want to use more than 5 but lot less 100. I would like to start with about 25 and see how that goes, if it works i could then move up to greater amount.

Have you thought about lowering price of professional version and having domain license pack addition of say 25 more domains?

I suspect you would more sales this way!

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Re: [carperman] price - amount of domains In reply to
We don't have such a provision, but maybe we can work something out.

Can you send me a PM and include the plugins you were thinking of adding so I have all the information?