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functional features in new version?

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functional features in new version?

Does the new version have any of the following functional features:

  1. Ability to set per domain limits (space, adress book, filters etc) instead of just one global limit for all domains configured with gossamer mail?
  2. Is there a way of enabling /disabling features depending on PAID /FREE for example, not allowing forwarders, remote account etc in FREE subscription mode. Can the individual limits be set depending upon the subscription model (paid/free)?
  3. Auto Address Book Build up from the messages in the account?
  4. Personalizing AR messages. Per folder AR messages (ie different AR messges for different folders -- so that different messages are sent out depending on which folder the incoming message lands)?
  5. Any improvements in handling threaded folders .... so as to bring it closer to displaying "Related Messages" irrespective of which folder the messages are in.? In the 2X version there was a severe limitation of putting all messages in one folder for threading to work which caused a lot of customer support calls.
  6. Has the wap template set been thoroughly testsed on actual phones instead of just emulators? Has there been change on wap templates also? This issue is important as it had taken months for us to debug a non functional template set in V2.X as wap template was never a priority for GT so we were left on our own.
  7. With respect to Subscription Model (Payment), does it integrate well with G-community? How does it really fucntion if multiple payment plans are offered and it is integrated with G-community?

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Re: [HyperTherm] functional features in new version? In reply to
1. No, limits are still for the entire site
2. Yes, this has been the way since we added payment support. However, it is only limited to settings which are in the user table.
3. No, but we added automatically adding addresses of people you reply to.
4. No
5. No
6. No. There are too many phones and different browsers out there to test it extensively. Also note that WAP is a slowly dying technology, and that the WAP plugin/template is a free addon that we can't spend a ton of time testing.
7. I haven't used community enough to answer this one. I'll have to get back to you on that.

Please look at the Gossamer Mail changelogs in the announcement forum for any other changes that we have made in 3.0.