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System requirements

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System requirements
On your information page about Gossamer Mail, you have the following requirements for the program to work..
1) Perl 5.004 or better
2) Mysql 3.21 or better
3) DBI and DBD::mysql perl modules installed

Is there any additional inforamtion that is required, such as, I assume you must have shell access...
Is there any requirement to make changes to the .conf files or the sendmail, .procmail, .foward, or virtuser tables??
The reason I ask is I purchased another product some time ago, but cannot use it due to making a change to the virtuser and sendmail that for some reason crashes the sendmail program on the server....

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You need to be able to create a "catch-all" account. I had assumed this was standard on almost all servers I've seen, but we are quickly finding out this is not the case.

Also, having cron access is important, though not essential.



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