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Storage space.RAM, and bandwidth

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Storage space.RAM, and bandwidth

I am trying to understand the resources needed to have 100,000 users. My questions are:

1) How much hard drive space is required? If each gets a 6 MB mailbox, then I guess it will 600,000 MB or 600 GB in storage! This seems quite extreme. Are my numbers correct?

2) How much bandwidth is expected monthly according to your experience?

3) How much RAM is needed?

4) Any hosting provider you know of that can give such resources for an acceptable price?

5) Do the hard drives need to be SCSI?

6) Any special network setup? RAIDs, Clustering,....

7) Do you have any users that are using this program for a very large user base?

I do appreciate the time anyone takes to answer this query


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Re: Storage space.RAM, and bandwidth In reply to

1. Yes that would be the theoritcal limit, but on the sites we've seen the average disk space a user uses is less then 10% of the allowed amount. So you'd be looking at a 60GB drive.

2. Depends wildly on your layout of the site and the type of email system. Couldn't even begin to guess. If you are serious about growing a large directory, start with at least 30 GB of traffic a month, and grow it from there.

3. The more the better. I'd recommend at least 512 MB and running under mod_perl.

4. Don't know what you considerable acceptable, but we do offer prebuilt mail server designed to run under Gossamer Mail. Contact info@gossamer-threads.com for more information.

5. No, you can make do with large IDE drives.

6. Depends on how serious you are. If you are just starting out, then one machine is fine. However, if you already have a large userbase, then you can definately setup clustered solutions, and separate machines for the database server and mail server.

7. I don't have a demo site that I can show you unfortunately.

Hope this helps,


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